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Newsletter Issue 17 (Spring 2010)

March 2010

Welcome to Issue 17 of the OSMHN Newsletter. We are now taking bookings for our next OSMHN workshop on Risk, Confidentiality and Disclosure on Friday 23rd April. This workshop is invaluable for staff wishing to learn more about dealing with issues of risk, confidentiality and disclosure in relation to students with mental health problems.  It will be informative, practical and interactive with case studies and a Question Time format to a panel of experts. We are taking bookings now so please apply early as there are a limited number of places.

If you have something that you would like to share with the network for example, a group, workshop or training course that you have either attended or run please let us know about it. Or you may have come across a mental health issue which you think needs addressing in Higher Education or Further Education - some practice or policy - that you think may have a positive or negative impact on the mental health of students. If there are issues you would like to know more about and would like to see articles or workshops on please also let us know.


  1. Next OSMHN Workshop:
    Managing Risk, Confidentiality and Disclosure
    Friday 23rd April 11.45 - 4.30
  2. Training and Workshops
    Relate: Dealing with Difficult People Workshop
    BEAT: Essential eating disorders training for you and your staff
  3. Continuing Professional Development
    CBT Workshop at the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre
    10 Minute CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
    Training Courses on Effective Training Skills - Train the Trainer; Facilitation Skills; Mediation & Negotiation Strategies; Leadership &
    Supervisory Skills; Team Building & Group Dynamics...
  4. Resources for Students
    Relate: Life After the Break: An eight-week course for people coming to terms with the ending of a relationship

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