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Research study at Oxford University

Have you been depressed several times in the past?

Feeling well at the moment, but worried about a relapse?

Then you may be eligible to take part in a research trial at Oxford University evaluating two new psychological treatments designed to help people to STAY better.

Researchers at the newly founded Oxford Mindfulness Centre, part of the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, have recently begun a large study comparing the benefits of two psychological (non-drug) treatments for depression which have been designed to help people who have been depressed in the past to stay well. One of these treatments, ‘Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy' (MBCT), combines traditional cognitive therapy with training in mindfulness meditation.The other treatment is called Cognitive Psycho-education (CPE) and teaches the same skills but without requiring people to learn to meditate.

Recent research has shown that training in mindfulness meditation can halve the chances of depression returning in people who have suffered many episodes of depression in the past and can even be as effective as continuing to take antidepressants. The current research is looking at whether it is the meditation aspect of the therapy which helps, or just the group based discussions about being more mindful.

People who have suffered from repeated episodes of depression, have felt suicidal in the past, and are now feeling well can contact Adele at the Staying Well research team for more information, either by calling 08000 836130 (freephone) or 01865 226468 (landline) or by
e-mailing recruiters@staying-well.org.uk. There is also more information on the study website http://www.staying-well.org.

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