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Student Union Advice Centres

Student Union Advice Centres can offer confidential and free advice on a wide range of issues which are stressful for students e.g. debt, housing, academic and administrative problems. Usually students can be seen on a drop-in basis. Students are helped to explore the possibilities open to them and information on further sources of help can be given.

Brookes Union Advice Centre

Brookes Union Advice Centre is located in the Students Union. Trained advisers can help you out when the going gets tough, be it financial, academic or housing concerns or if you just want to have a chat to find out the best way of doing something.

Oxford University Students' Union

Oxford University's Advice Service is a confidential listening, information and advocacy service.

Each of the University Student's Unions has a Vice-President for Welfare who may be able to take up issues with the University on students' behalf. Contact details for these Vice-Presidents can be accessed through the Students' Union web sites.

Ruskin College Students' Union

Ruskin College Students' Union has a Welfare Officer who can be contacted during term times only at the Students' Union, Ruskin College, Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HE.

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