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Student Counselling Services

Student Counselling Services are free. Counsellors work within an ethical framework which ensures that contact with the student is kept confidential. Counsellors would not discuss the student's situation with a tutor, other member of staff or GP without the student's permission unless there was a very real possibility of serious physical harm to self or to others. Even in this situation every attempt would be made to gain the student's permission, and confidentiality would rarely be broken without permission unless the student was considered to be no longer able to take responsibility for their own actions. A decision such as this would only be taken after discussion with a senior practitioner. However, counsellors can help tutors and others consider how to respond to distressed students without exchanging personal information which would identify particular students.

Counselling should not be confused with psychiatry. Counsellors are experienced in spotting the signs of a developing mental illness, but no counsellor would consider themselves qualified to make a diagnosis of mental illness. Counsellors generally deal with a wide range of issues and will see a number of people who are quite anxious or depressed, but if someone has a serious mental health problem they will refer them to the appropriate medical services.

There are different models of counselling used by different practitioners. If the student finds that one approach doesn't work for them they could ask to try another.

Oxford Brookes University Counselling Service

The counselling service provides you with the opportunity to explore in confidence anything important to you and aims to help you develop resources and skills to manage your difficulties more effectively. Brookes offer free short term individual counselling and a number of groups and workshops.

For further information and guidance on specific student problems visit the counselling service's web site.

Oxford University Counselling Service

The University counselling service offers a free and confidential professional counselling service for current students of the university.

Many students welcome the opportunity to consult a university-wide service on issues affecting their lives, whether social, emotional or personal. Some people use it in times of crisis while others use it in a more exploratory way.

The Service offers individual and group counselling covering a range of issues.

Information about the counselling service and guidance on specific problems can be found on the counselling service's web site.

City of Oxford College

The College has a Counselling support.

For further information visit the College's Support Page.

Ruskin College Counselling Service

The counsellor is available to all students at Ruskin, whether full time or part time. Appointments are offered within three days and often straight away.

Further information can be found on the College's web site.


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