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Disabled Students’ Adviser

The Disabled Students' Adviser / Disability Officer can offer support to students who have an ongoing mental health problem. Their role is not to offer therapy or counselling, but more of a problem-solving one. Although mental health problems may not seem to be a disability in the way that problems with mobility, hearing or vision are, they can benefit from a disability management approach. Such an approach will focus on two areas:

  • support for the individual
  • making changes in the academic environment

Support for the individual can vary from meeting up to talk through issues, provision of a computer to aid study skills, a note-taker for lectures, a support assistant to help the person get to lectures or negotiation with tutors over extending assessment deadlines. Changes in the academic environment might involve supporting the student in gaining quiet accommodation, negotiating a part-time study pattern or making arrangements to take examinations in a quiet room.

Information on students with disabilities, university provision for them and support services is co-ordinated by the institutions' Disability Staff:

Oxford Brookes Student Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Disabled Students' Advisers are here to provide support, advice and information to current and prospective students of Oxford Brookes University. We will work with you to develop an individual support plan to meet your needs. We will also advise you about how the University systems can support students with disabilities.

Oxford University Disability Advisory Service (DAS)

The University's policies and further information can be found through the above link.

City of Oxford College

Support is available for people who have dyslexia or other learning difficulties or disabilities. 

Ruskin College

The site contains further information and links to student support handbooks.


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