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Supporting friends - Resources

What a Difference a Friend Makes (SAMHSA)

This online guide encourages young adults to support a friend living with mental illness in the recovery process. Defines mental illness and recovery; offers strategies for how to respond to a friend; dispels myths; and lists suggestions for supporting recovery.

Keeping us going: Mental health problems affecting friendship and how friends can support each other

Booklet produced by Mental Health Foundation for people who have a mental health problem and for their friends. It looks at the effect of mental health problems on friendship from both viewpoints and suggests ways that friends can support each other and keep their friendship going when times are tough.

Practical guidelines for students supporting students with possible mental health difficulties

Lancaster University have produced guidelines and a flow chart for those supporting friends with possible mental health problems.

Friendship and Mental Health

Guidance on supporting a friend from the Mental Health Foundation.

Are you worried about someone's mental health?

Factsheet produced by Rethink which has information on recognising when someone has a problem, where to go for help and advice and resources for helping yourself.

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