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Local Support for Students

Student Counselling Services

Each HE/FE institution has a free student counselling service. Counsellors generally deal with a wide range of issues and will see a number of people who are quite anxious or depressed.

Disabled Students’ Adviser

The Disabled Students' Adviser / Disability Officer can offer support to students who have an ongoing mental health problem. Their role is not to offer therapy or counselling, but more of a problem-solving one.

Student Union Advice Centres

Student Union Advice Centres can offer confidential and free advice on a wide range of issues which are stressful for students e.g. debt, housing and academic problems.


Nightline is a completely independent listening, support and information service run for and by students. It aims to provide every student in Oxford with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence.

General practitioners/college doctors

College Doctors can be seen at Oxford University. Brookes has a comprehensive Medical Centre. They can be seen for physical or mental health concerns.

College nurse

Although many of the college nurses are not formally trained in mental health they all have experience of dealing with students in distress

Student Support Co-ordinators

Student Support Co-ordinators operate at Oxford Brookes University. They provide academic and pastoral student support services for all students across various faculties.

Peer supporters

Peer Supporters/Mentors have been trained in the use of listening skills and have information on sources of advice and support.


Chaplains and other faith-based workers are concerned with the pastoral care of students within their University or college and can offer a listening ear and advice on other sources of support.

Residential staff

Residential staff are not trained counsellors or mental health experts but they are normally experienced in supporting students through the normal up and downs of student life.


Tutors have a pastoral role as well as an academic one and it can be helpful to talk through your concerns with a tutor.

Family and Friends

Family members and friends can be a valuable source of support. They know the student well and can offer reassurance and understanding.

Bibliotherapy Initiative (Oxford Brookes)

The Oxford Brookes Counselling Service has publications available to borrow on issues such as anxiety, bereavement, depression and many other issues.

Private counsellors and psychotherapists

Private counsellors and psychotherapists in and around Oxford see a number of students. Unlike the University and College Counselling Services, the student has to pay for sessions.

Student Minds - Eating Disorders Group (Oxford University)

Oxford 'Student Minds' Eating Disorder Group, meets weekly through out term to support students with eating disorders.

Local voluntary sector organisations

A range of local voluntary organisations can provide support and advice. There are also a number of self help groups.

NHS Services

TalkingSpace for people struggling with anxiety and depression and Cotswold House for people with eating disorders.