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Birchwood M, Singh S P (2013) Mental health services for young people: matching the service to the need British Journal of Psychiatry (202(s54)

Julal F S (2013) Use of student support services among university students: associations with problem-focused coping, experience of personal difficulty and psychological distress British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 41(4)

Macaskill A (2013) The mental health of university students in the United Kingdom British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 41(4)

McGorry P, Bates T, Birchwood M (2013) Designing youth mental health services for the 21st century: examples from Australia, Ireland and the UK British Journal of Psychiatry 202(s54)


Russell G and Topham P (2012) The impact of social anxiety on student learning and well-being in higher education Journal of Mental Health, 21(4)

Storrie K, Aherna K & Tuckett A (2012) Crying in the halls: supervising students with symptoms of emotional problems in the clinical practicum Teaching in Higher Education 17(1)

Storrs D (2012) 'Keeping it real' with an emotional curriculum Teaching in Higher Education 17(1)

Strauss P et al (2012) ‘I know the type of people I work well with': student anxiety in multicultural group projects Studies in Higher Education 36(7)


Royal College of Psychiatrists Mental health of students in higher education September 2011

Coutts R, Gilleard W, Baglin R (2011) Evidence for the impact of assessment on mood and motivation in first‐year students Studies in Higher Education 36(3)

Murphy D (2011) Unprecedented times in the professionalisation and state regulation of counselling and psychotherapy: the role of the Higher Education Institute British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 39(3)

Myers J (2011) Do you believe in Father Christmas? The role of myth and symbol in understanding student support Teaching in Higher Education 16(6)

NUS Scotland Silently Stressed: A Survey into Student Mental Wellbeing

Benson, L., Norman, C. & Griffiths, M.D. (2011). The role of impulsivity, sensation seeking, coping, and year of study in student gambling: A pilot study. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.


Tyson P, Wilson K, Crone D, Brailsford R, Laws K (2010) Physical activity and mental health in a student population Journal of Mental Health 19(6)

Bewicka B, Koutsopouloub G, Milesc J, Slaad E, Barkhame M (2010) Changes in undergraduate students' psychological well-being as they progress through university Studies in Higher Education, 35(6)


Jacklin, A, Le Riche P (2009) Reconceptualising student support: from 'support' to 'supportive' Studies in Higher Education 34(7)

Leathwood C, Hey V (2009) Gender/ed discourses and emotional sub-texts: theorising emotion in UK higher education Teaching in Higher Education 14(4)

Matthews N (2009) Teaching the 'invisible' disabled students in the classroom: disclosure, inclusion and the social model of disability Teaching in Higher Education 14(3)

Russell G, Shaw S (2009) A study to investigate the prevalence of social anxiety in a sample of higher education students in the United Kingdom Journal of Mental Health 18(3)


Christie H (2008) 'A real rollercoaster of confidence and emotions': learning to be a university student Studies in Higher Education 33(5)

Cooper L (2008) Supporting sexual minority students British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 36(4)

Cosgrave E M et al (2008) Met and unmet need in youth mental health Journal of Mental Health 17(6)

Muldoon R (2008) Recognising and rewarding the contribution and personal development of peer supporters at university Journal of Further and Higher Education 32(3)

Roman S, Cuestas P J, Fenollar P (2008) An examination of the interrelationships between self-esteem, others' expectations, family support, learning approaches and academic achievement Studies in Higher Education 33(2)

Warwick I et al (2008) Supporting mental health and emotional well-being among younger students in further education Journal of Further and Higher Education 32(1)


Connell J, Barkham M, Mellor-Clark J (2007) CORE-OM mental health norms of students attending university counselling services benchmarked against an age-matched primary care sample. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 35(1)

Eisenberg D, Golberstein E, Gollust, S E (2007) Help-Seeking and Access to Mental Health Care in a University Student Population Medical Care 45(7)

Pryjmachuk S, Richards D A (2007) Predicting stress in pre-registration nursing students British Journal of Health Psychology12(1)

Rodger S, Murray H G, Cummings A L (2007) Effects of teacher clarity and student anxiety on student outcomes Teaching in Higher Education 12(1)

McClure J (2007) International graduates' cross-cultural adjustment: experiences, coping strategies, and suggested programmatic responses Teaching in Higher Education 12(2)


Harrison N (2006) The impact of negative experiences, dissatisfaction and attachment on first year undergraduate withdrawal Journal of Further and Higher Education 30(4)

Gerrard E, Roberts R (2006) Student parents, hardship and debt: a qualitative student Journal of Further and Higher Education 30(4)

Robotham D & Julian C (2006) Stress and the Higher Education Student: a critical review of the literature Journal of Further and Higher Education 30(2)

Stewart S H, Morris E, Mellings T, Komar J (2006) Relations of social anxiety variables to drinking motives, drinking quantity and frequency, and alcohol-related problems in undergraduates Journal of Mental Health 15(6)


Tinklin T, Riddell S, Wilson A (2005) Support for students with mental health difficulties in higher education: the students' perspective British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 33(4)

Waller R et al (2005) Student mental health: how can psychiatrists better support the work of university medical centres and university counselling services? British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 33(1)

Jessop D C, Herberts C, Soloman L (2005) The impact of financial circumstances on student health British Journal of Health Psychology 10(3)

Por J (2005) A Pilot Data Collecting Exercise on Stress and Nursing Students British Journal of Nursing 11, 14

Ciarrochi C, Said T & Deane F P (2005) When simplifying life is not so bad: the link between rigidity, stressful life events, and mental health in an undergraduate population British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 33(2)

Wilcox P, Winn S & Fyvie-Gauld M (2005) 'It was nothing to do with the university, it was just the people': the role of social supprt in the first-year experience of higher education Studies in Higher Education 30(6)

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