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How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything - Yes, Anything!

Albert Ellis

Citadel Press (1988)

ISBN: 0818404566

I recently heard Albert Ellis, now in his mid 80's, interviewed on Radio 4 and it was an impressive performance! Equally striking is the number of books this man has produced. This book inevitably has a very North American feel about it, and is written as if Ellis himself is in the room talking to you. His main theme is that we make ourselves unhappy, anxious and depressed by turning preference's into "musts". We tell ourselves that we can only feel happy and stable if other people or events work out just as we want them. Ellis says that by thinking in this way we make ourselves feel bad, but that we can learn to think differently which in turn will help us to feel better. In an academic or working environment it is all too easy to judge ourselves by exam results, performance indicators and other outcome measures. Whilst there is nothing wrong in trying to do better, this book show us how to avoid feeling devastated when we don't reach the high standards set by ourselves or those around us.

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