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30 Sep 2011 BBC News Students' mental health 'at risk', psychiatrists warn Doctors are warning that the current generation of students has a greater risk of anxiety and depression than previous ones.


11 May 10 Guardian Nightline celebrates 40 years of helping students Students' problems today are pretty much the same as when Nightline began 40 years ago

12 Jan 10 Guardian Undergraduates: heaven knows they're miserable now A new video diary project is revealing the stresses of student life and how to lower the drop-out rate

15 Jan 10 Independent Bullying in Universities: It exists We all know bullying occurs in children's playgrounds, inside and outside of secondary schools and sometimes even in the adult workplace, but what about University?

09 Jan 10 Guardian Family under the microscope Why are female undergraduates so much more likely to suffer from psychological distress than male students?


15 May 09 Guardian Student vets face spiralling debts Half suffer from stress, often related to their financial problems, poll shows


06 Dec 08 Guardian Mind over Matter Studying for a degree can be stressful - but where do you turn to if the pressure starts to affect your mental health?

26 Jun 08 Independent Looking after yourself is the key to university success How do you get the most from university? By keeping both your body and mind in shape.

29 Feb 08 BBC News New Study finds drop in Suicide Rate Deaths by suicide in Scotland have fallen, according to research carried out by a team from NHS Highland.

26 Feb 08 Guardian How to Hang on to Students A new report puts the drop-out rate at 1 in 5, but some universities have a knack for keeping numbers up.


19 Dec 07 Guardian When you Need Somebody to Lean on Young people at risk of dropping out of further education benefit from mentoring support system

19 Apr 07 Guardian Q&A Student Mental Health in the UK.

27 Feb 07 Guardian All in the Mind Vast numbers of experts are attending to the psychological wellbeing of students. But there's no proof they're doing the slightest good, writes Kathryn Ecclestone

17 Jan 07 Guardian Hearts and Minds Mental health services fail our young people.


27 Mar 06 Guardian Inquiry recommends teaching training on self harm Colleges and universities must educate teachers on mental health issues to end the stigma surrounding troubled young people who harm themselves, a report has warned.

02 Mar 06 Oxford Student Work Stress Drives Students to Drugs An investigation by The Oxford Student has revealed that students take illegal drugs such as speed and cocaine to deal with academic pressures

10 Feb 06 Guardian Money Doctors to help debt-stricken students University students across the UK struggling with debt may soon be able to get individual financial advice from Money Doctors funded by the independent financial regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

29 Jan 06 Independent Bankrupt: 4,000 students declare bankruptcy - and many more unable to clear debt They don't know where to turn, as rates of insolvency and stress counselling soar.

12 Jan 06 Guardian The low-down on student blues How to shake off a bout of post-Christmas campus depression.


15 Nov 05 Guardian Campaign targets student drinking A new campaign is encouraging students to mend their drunken ways in the run-up to Christmas - or at least drink more responsibly.

27 Oct 05 Guardian Debt hits poorer students hardest, finds study Students from poor backgrounds are more likely to get into debt and take non-graduate jobs than their middle-class counterparts, according to research published today.

25 Oct 05 Guardian The best of times, the worst of times New research is looking at the impact of a student's suicide on a university.

29 Sept 05 Guardian Good listeners for students in distress Being a university student isn't always easy. While friends and family can provide support and advice, professional help is sometimes needed.

14 Sept 05 Guardian Mental illness is now our biggest social problem Richard Layard calls for a network of 250 treatment centres to offer psychological therapy to the public.

04 Aug 05 The Times Dying the succeed: fatal pressure on our children. Bright, popular and apparently happy, Alice McGovern killed herself on the eve of going to Oxford. What are the warning signs?

17 May 05 Guardian Not drinking, drowning. Mental health problems are a growing issue for today's hard-pressed students, and universities must take action to provide the support and care they need.

16 Jan 05 Observer Graduating with a degree of insolvency College debts are starting to spiral out of control.


18 Aug 04 The Guardian Stressed students seek medical help. One in 10 students waiting for A-level results has sought medical attention for stress-related symptoms, according to research from the University of Hertfordshire.

18 Jun 04 The Guardian Universities 'can't cope with depressed students' University counselling services are ill-equipped to cope with the increase in students with depression and other mental health problems, according to the Association for University and College Counsellors (AUCC).

19 Jan 04 The Guardian Colleges liable for students with mental health problems. Universities face rising number of complaints by students suffering mental health problems, report says.

01 Nov 04 The Guardian How to cope with stress. Eight ways in which you can take control, before stress takes control of you.


16 Oct 03 The Guardian One in four students suffer mental illness, psychiatrists say. Students are more likely to suffer mental illness than other young people, a new report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists suggests.

20 Sep 03 The Guardian Mind over the matter of a mental illness. It is no longer the taboo subject it once was in the office. There is a support network out there to help sufferers cope with depression.

10 Sep 03 The Guardian Bosses ill-prepared for mental health issues. Mental health problems are widespread in the workplace yet most bosses are ill-equipped to handle them, according to a new study published today.

01 Aug 03 The Independent When the going gets tough There is plenty of support if you need it.

05 Jun 03 The Independent University Blues Life at university is meant to be a tremendous experience, but many young adults find it hard to settle in and become plagued by anxiety and depression.

06 Apr 03 The Independent One in four young people so depressed they consider suicide More than one quarter of young people, some as young as 10, are so depressed that they have contemplated suicide.

27 Mar 03 The Guardian Pressure Points Oliver Duff consults the stressbusters for advice on how to deal with the season of looming exams and dissertation deadlines.

23 Feb 03 The Independent Pressure on young over mental illness The extent of pressure young people are facing over mental health problems is revealed in a new survey.

05 Mar 03 The Guardian Bottoms up... St Edmund Hall banned alcohol because there was too much vomiting.

12 Feb 03 The Guardian Warning signs Most young people know someone who has self-harmed, had depression or suffered an eating disorder, but feel they had inadequate knowledge or information to support them, according to a new survey.


10 Dec 02 The Guardian Degree is worth debt, says students Nearly two-thirds of students believe their degree is worth the financial investment even though they are leaving university with even greater debts than their predecessors, according to study.

03 Dec 02 The Guardian Support sites. Students are increasingly suffering mental health problems.

27 Nov 02 The Guardian Depression on the rise among young The number of young people battling depression has doubled in 12 years.

10 Oct 02 The Independent Student counselling: Emotional rescue. A new website is helping students in distress.

02 Oct 02 BBC News Student debt helpline opens A dedicated helpline for students worried about debt and money problems has been set up by a charity.

10 Sep 02 The Guardian Fight for Survival. Could student suicides be prevented with better targeting of support services?

25 Aug 02 The Observer Last orders for students: stop getting so drunk.

24 Aug 02 The Guardian Party on, safely. You can enjoy your freedom at university but you need to look after yourself too.

15 Aug 02 The Independent HELP: All right? Whatever your problems, from fresher flu to financial crisis, make sure you talk about it - sooner rather than later.

10 Jul 02 The Guardian Scarred Inside. New research into why teenagers self-harm has shed light on the root of a growing problem.

22 Jul 02 The Guardian Invisible Support. Universities are beginning to cope better with students' mental health problems.

02 Jul 02 The Guardian Survey shows fear factor fuels stigma People are becoming more fearful and intolerant of those with mental health problems.

15 Jan 02 The Guardian Dark Days At this time of year, many students drop out of university. Donald MacLeod examines the problem while one student describes her unhappiness as a fresher.