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Resources for HE/FE Staff

Organisations and web sites specifically for HE/FE staff

Mental Health in Higher Education Hub

mhhe hub aims to increase networking and the sharing of approaches to learning and teaching about mental health - across the disciplines in higher education. Membership is open to educators (including service user and carer educators), practice mentors, students, practitioners, educational researchers and all with an interest in enhancing learning and teaching about mental health.


This website is aimed at those with an interest in mental health and further eduation.

University Mental Health Advisors Network

UMHAN supports the work of mental health specialists working within HE. It seeks to share good practice and to influence developments across the sector. Please see our website for further information about membership and our work.

Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-being (Scotland)

This resource offers guidance and information on promoting and supporting student mental health and well-being. It is intended for staff working in colleges and universities especially lecturers and support staff in day to day contact with students, staff working in student support and senior management to support development of policies and procedures relating to mental health.

Universities UK/Guild HE Working Group for the Promotion of Mental Well-Being in Higher Education

The Working Group for the Promotion of Mental Well-Being in Higher Education was founded in 2003 in response to growing interest in, and concern about, the mental health of students and staff in the UK Higher Education setting.

The Group's aims are to: promote collaboration between the different sectors, agencies and professional groups with responsibility for mental well-being in HE; be a reference point for government bodies, managers in the NHS and educational institutions and practitioners in respect of mental well-being in HE; to influence policy on issues related to mental well-being in HE.

BACP Universities and Colleges

BACP (British Association of Counselling and Therapy) Universities & Colleges is a BACP division which aims to represent counsellors in HE and FE.

Information and Guidance

Mental Health of Students in Higher Education

The main purpose of this report is to provide an update to a previous Royal College of Psychiatrists document, Mental Health of Students in Higher Education, published in 2003. The full report, published in 2011, is available by clicking on the link.

Silently Stressed: A Survey into Student Mental Wellbeing

NUS Scotland has called for increased investment in support services for students following new research into student mental health in Scotland. The full report is available by clicking on the link.

Reducing the risk of student suicide: issues and responses for higher education institutions

This report, produced by Universities UK, aims to raise sector-wide awareness of the risk of suicide and attempted suicide amongst the student population and help universities and colleges take appropriate steps to minimise those risks.

Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion in Higher Education

This report, prepared by the Universities UK/Guild HE Working Group for the Promotion of Mental Well-being in Higher Education, aims to be a source of guidance for senior managers in Higher Education in developing policies, procedures and activities promoting mental health.

Mental Health Matters for FE Teachers Toolkit

This resource, which has been supported and funded by the Learning and Skills Council, aims to address that concern of FE teachers that they do not have the knowledge or expertise to meet the needs of learners who experience mental health difficulties. It does this by providing materials that teacher educators, or those providing staff development opportunities, can use as part of the training of teachers.

Specific Student Groups

Developing emotional intelligence, resilience and skills for maintaining personal wellbeing in students of health and social care

This resource was developed by the Mental Health in Higher Education project in conjunction with the Social Policy and Social Work Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy.

Supporting Medical Students with Mental Health Conditions (GMC)

This guidance provides advice to medical schools on all aspects of supporting medical students with mental health conditions.

Higher Education Institutions and International Students' Mental Health

This report produced by the Young Minds Stressed Out and Struggling Project is intended to draw attention to and help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) support the mental health of their international students. It is aimed at all staff groups, whether they are involved in teaching or in support services.

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