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Terms of Reference

  • To support the aims of OSMHN to improve communication about, and understanding of, students' mental health needs within the local education and health care sectors.
  • To regularly review the effectiveness of the work of OSMHN and make decisions about its continuation and/or the key focus of its activities.
  • To take such financial and policy decisions and actions as are necessary to maintain OSMHN and/or specific aspects of its activity.
  • To maintain links with key working groups, committees and teams in local mental health services, as well as their own professional groups where appropriate, with individual Steering Group Members taking responsibility for particular teams and sectors.
  • To support the Administrator who will plan and organise a programme of workshops.
  • To support the publication of a ‘Network Newsletter'.
  • To support the Administrator in all aspects of his/her work.
  • To receive at each meeting a Progress Report and Financial Report from the Administrator.
  • To provide minutes of its meetings (with clear action lists) for circulation to all members.
  • To regularly review its membership to ensure that it is representative of the networks it seeks to support and influence.
  • To support the maintenance of the OSMHN Web Site.

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